New york city tourism + conventions' Tourism Ready

A travel trade training program for NYC businesses

The Tourism Ready program provides local NYC businesses with an enhanced understanding of the power of the Travel Trade along with powerful tools for working with this valuable sector to secure advanced bookings and repeat business. We will prepare your business to engage with the trade, identify relevant tourism audiences, reach out to industry players, and leverage promotional opportunities.

This valuable program is open to all NYC businesses, both New York City Tourism + Conventions members and non-members.

What is the Travel Trade?

Travel trade refers to third party travel sellers, packagers, and event planners. These B2B businesses can be a key source of revenue for NYC tourism products as they allow you the freedom to operate your business while they promote you globally. 

This program will guide you through the steps to effectively work with the travel trade and help you identify methods to engage with these resellers to promote your business or neighborhood. 

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“New York City Tourism + Conventions has long pondered how to grow the city's tourism industry," says CEO Fred Dixon. "This includes balancing the business seasonally and geographically. We need to spread people around and also engage more people directly in the business."

Tourism Ready was created with this in mind, as many small businesses lack an understanding of the travel industry needed to grow. Program workshops teach businesses about the travel trade, pricing strategy and distribution channels.

"If you're a small business, you might not even have a dedicated sales and marketing person," said Dixon. "It's really been a tremendous boost to the knowledge base of the New York City travel industry, while bringing more people into the tent at the same time. People are looking for hyperlocal engagements and if we're going to be successful as a destination in providing those experiences, we've got to teach people how to provide them.”

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Program Registration Terms & Conditions

When registering for an Alon program, full payment is due at the time of registration. Once you have registered for a paid program, fees are non-refundable.

Program participation is for one attendee per event unless otherwise stated. For Alon programs listed as “Material Distribution” or “Presence Opportunities,” you authorize Alon to represent your business at these events and will not be attending in person.

Travel expenses and printing costs are NOT included in registration fees unless otherwise stated.