Activating Your Destination Partners with the Travel Trade

A Game-Changer for Your Tourism Strategy

We know the value international business can bring to our destinations. Yet, many of our tourism partners are unaware of the best strategies to market to this customer segment or the benefits of trave trade partnerships. Across the USA, we’re hearing a clear message: hotels and attractions must equip themselves with the right tools and resources to create compelling B2B materials that resonate with the international travel trade.

As a DMO, your success relies on having suppliers who are ready to sign B2B contracts, ensuring that your international marketing efforts yield a high ROI. With a wave of new faces entering the industry and years of strong domestic travel, it’s more important than ever to educate our partners about the value of the international market and empower them with the skills and sales opportunities they need to build successful, mutually beneficial partnerships.

Alon are here to assist! We’ve compiled a list of all the key benefits of working with the travel trade. This resource can be utilized to support your budget for investing in activities that will make your destination trade-ready or be shared with your destination stakeholders to get them engaged!

Benefits of activating your destination stakeholders with travel trade partnerships

By activating a partnership with the travel trade, your stakeholders can grow their business, and your destination by leveraging the following:

  • The travel trade business thrives on relationships; once you build a solid foundation, you secure long-term business with the industry’s most valuable players.
    • Design a roadmap for repeat business; the travel trade is always looking to grow their own businesses and year over year sales by constantly improving how they sell your product.
    • Share your business goals to create sustainable partnerships that position your products effectively for the right audience at the right time.
  • Travel trade clients book in advance, allowing you to build a baseline of business to better forecast demand and operational costs to help build your bottom line.
  • The travel trade are trusted sources in their key markets. You activate an accessible worldwide network which affords you visibility and reach you would not otherwise have on your own. 
  • Save your marketing dollars on international campaigns and guarantee increased global exposure that only costs you money when you have revenue.
  • Place your marketing eggs in different baskets and expand your portfolio by activating FIT, Group and MICE business with companies that specialize in different market types, and regions around the world, ensuring a steady flow of visitors throughout the year.
  • The trave trade becomes an extension of your team and salesforce. You mutually benefit from this partnership through:
    • Production of brochures, tariffs, websites, and B2B online booking portals to promote your offerings.
    • Promotion of your destination and business via their own channels, including social media, e-marketing, and tradeshows.
    • Training of their sales team and call centers to effectively sell your product and services to their clients
  • Manage your seasonality and business during peak and off-peak periods by positioning your products to the travel trade when you need them most.
  • Tackle international business from the comfort of your home by connecting with international inbound receptive operators and domestic group tour operators, all conveniently located right here in the USA.

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